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D&D - Original Woodgrain Box (1st/2nd Printing)


Type: Box Set

Product Line: Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Box Sets & Core Rules

Last Stocked on 12/21/2020

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D&D - Original Woodgrain Box (1st/2nd Printing)
Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson
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Yes, the very 1st edition of the Dungeons & Dragons game! This particular copy of this highly recognizable item contains 1st and 2nd printing components making it quite distinctive. This kind of component compliment is a known phenomenon that happened frequently at TSR. When some, but not all, components from one printing were gone, these hybrid copies would be produced until the remaining components from the earlier printing ran out. Because of this, we can place this copy as one of the earliest versions of the 2nd printing.

The pictures shown are of the actual item for sale. More pictures of this item can be provided upon request.

The box has taken the brunt of the damage, being torn in multiple places along its top and sides, there is some staining across the front sticker, thus the condition can only be considered Fair.

Vol. 1 - Men & Magic (2nd Printing) – there are some small stains throughout the book and the cover is slightly discolored. The center page has torn free from one of its staples. In total the book is Fair+.

Vol. 2 - Monsters & Treasure (1st Printing) – there are several small stains throughout the book, but the general pages and cover are faring substantially better than the Men and Magic book. There are no tears and only a small dent in the top right corner of the book. Overall this book is VG.

Vol. 3 - The Underworld & Wilderness Adventures (1st Printing) – there are sizeable stains on the edge of the pages, some of which extend into the book. Otherwise this booklet is in better than average condition for its age. There are no substantial tears, dents or other damage outside of the aforementioned staining. Summative, the book is VG.

Reference Sheets complete with Corrections Sheet! – Much like the rest of the set, there are some stains on this booklet, but as with book 3, these are the only substantial damages. The total condition of the pamphlet is VG.

In spite of its rough journey through nearly half a century, this rare and highly prized item would still find a welcome home in the arms of any serious collector of Dungeons and Dragons history. It represents the very earliest dawning of a new age of gaming, where the excitement of high adventure became a centerpiece, rather than an elusive dream. Capture the essence of this infant moment in the RPG industry with the box set that put a new genre on the map.

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