Altais - Age of Ruin

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Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Altais - Age of Ruin

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Altais - Age of Ruin
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Richard Stern, Laura Wilkinson
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Altais is a fantasy game of forbidden magic and revolution in a dying world.

Thousands of years have passed since Earth was lost and humanity fled to the stars. They colonized a new world but never escaped their enemy, the Rephaim. Civilizations have risen and fallen, and magic has brought us to the edge of destruction.

This is the Fourth Age

The Final Age of Humanity

The stars are falling and the Kingdoms of Altais lie in ruin. As the blight of the Rephaim spreads slowly across the land, heroes search places long forgotten with sword and spell, hoping to restore the technology of the past.

Altais: Age of Ruin is a 400 page science fantasy roleplaying game focusing on the last struggle of humanity on an alien world. It is a setting where magic manipulates other dimensions. A place where everyone has the potential to work miracles – and where magic is hunted for fear it will break the world again.

Players take on the role of rebels, fighting corrupted governments while seeking lost relics that could save the world.

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