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Alone in the Desert - Solitaire Expansion

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Alone in the Desert - Solitaire Expansion
Category: War Games
Sub Category: Popular War Games
Product Line: Armageddon War
Author: Mark Walker, Greg Porter
Publish Year: 2018
Dimensions: 9.5x13x.25"
Restockable: Yes
Mfg. part #: FPG5001
Type: Ziplock

Alone in the Desert - Solitaire Expansion


The expansion includes rules for playing Armageddon War solitaire, six solitaire scenarios in a loose campaign, counters and cards.

Each hex of enemy units in a solitaire scenario will have a “stance” counter, “aggressive”, “cautious” or “defensive”. When an enemy formation activates, each hex of units will draw a card and act according to the keywords on the card. These are shorthand and more fully delineated in the solitaire rules, but you can get a feel for them from the card. For instance, “Close(2)” means close 2 hexes with the nearest appropriate enemy unit (if “close” is in gold you close with armor, red is infantry). “Cover” would mean movement that utilizes available cover instead of open terrain, and the way you would decide is covered in the rules. Fire would be at the appropriate armor or infantry target, and so on.

On the player turn, the player draws a card each time a unit declares a movement, to see if an AI unit declares opportunity fire, and when that opportunity fire happens. For instance, “Strongest(1)” would mean that of all the AI units which can see your unit after it moves 1 hex, the strongest one able to opportunity fire does so. Tie-breaker situations are covered in the rules to determine who does it. For instance “Strongest(1)” would have a tie-breaker of "Color-Closest", so if two possible Opfire units had the same firepower, you would check to see if one had the same color firepower as the defense type (armor vs. armor, infantry vs. infantry), and if still tied, then the closer of the two would make the attack.