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#429 "Armiger Knights, From the Deeps of the Realms A New Peril Rises, Warhammer Underworlds Organized Play"

By: Games Workshop

Type: Magazine

Product Line: White Dwarf Magazine (October 2016 - January 2020)

April 2018

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#429 "Armiger Knights, From the Deeps of the Realms A New Peril Rises, Warhammer Underworlds Organized Play"
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April sees White Dwarf celebrating the arrival of the Armiger Knights – found in Forgebane, a new boxed set pitting the Adeptus Mechanicus against the Necrons in a fierce battle for precious materials. Planet Warhammer has the full contents along with designer’s notes and info on 2 (count ‘em!) new Codexes released this month. Along with this, we have the Ultimate Guide to the Idoneth Deepkin – a new, reclusive faction for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, brand-new rules for Necromunda and the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game, and the Warhammer World studio team build an incredible Realm of Death table in Battleground. All this, and more:

• Planet Warhammer: what’s new in the worlds of Warhammer?
• Temporal Distort: a short but intriguing hop back to 2013;
• Getting Started With… Stormcast Eternals;
• The Ultimate Guide to the mysterious and deadly Idoneth Deepkin;
• Battle Report: The Blackstone Extraction – Adeptus Mechanicus vs. Necrons from the new Forgebane boxed set;
• Hall of Fame: Matt Holland discusses the importance of posing Citadel miniatures;
• A Tale of Four Warlords: the warlords muster their armies for Malign Portents;
• Adventures in Middle-earth: Jay Clare tells us all about collecting armies for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game;
• Honor and Loyalty: hobby legend Gavin Beardsmore with Imperial Knights from House Makabius;
• Battleground: The River of Souls: the Warhammer World team build a brand-new battlefield for Malign Portents;
• Tactica Imperialis: Drukhari: we take a look at some dirty, underhand and entirely evil Drukhari tactics;
• Underworlds Tournament: 12 eager gamers take each other on in the White Dwarf and Friends Warhammer Underworlds tournament;
• Maxime’s Challenge: Maxime Pastourel shows off the results of a painting challenge;
• New Rules: The Brown Wizard: two new scenarios for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game;
• New Rules: The Last Alliance: new warband rules for Battle Companies;
new rules;
• New Rules: Chaos Cult Gangs in Necromunda
• Readers’ Models: a selection of models painted by you, our readers;
• In the Bunker: what have the Dwarfers been up to this month?

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