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Product Line: Flames of War - WWII - Core Rules & Assorted (4th Edition)

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Rommel's famed Germans were retreating, beaten in the Battle of El Alamein. Only the Italian Ariete Division stood between the British and the total destruction of the Italian-German Panzer Army. They would not fail. The Bersaglieri, feather plumes rustling in the breeze, crouched in their foxholes, manning guns and machine-guns as they watched the big British tanks crawl into sight, preceded by several lines of infantry. It would be a hard fight, no doubt at close quarters. Plenty of medals would be won by Italian valor and determination today. The big anti-aircraft guns behind them opened fire on the tanks, their hits marked by black plumes as the tanks burned. As the British artillery responded with salvo after salvo, the brave Carristi in their M14/41 tanks advanced. Individually they were no match for the big British tanks, but closing with the enemy and operating together, they could knock out the bigger British tanks. They would do their duty, holding back the tide until the rest of the army got away. Today would be a glorious day.


  • Background on the Italian 132nd Ariete Armored Division in the Gazala and El Alamein battle in the Western Desert and the 131st Centauro Armored Division in Tunisian battle for Kasserine Pass and El Guettar.
  • Instructions on how to build an M14/41 and Semovente Tank Company, Bersaglieri Weapons Company, or Bersaglieri Rifle Company.
  • A detailed painting guide.
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