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#14 "Fallout - Wasteland Warfare, Stuffed Fables, & Fake Board Games"

#14 "Fallout - Wasteland Warfare, Stuffed Fables, & Fake Board Games"
Category: Board Games
Sub Category: Board Game Magazines
Publish Year: 2018
Pages: 98
Dimensions: 8x10.5x.5"
Restockable: No
Type: Magazine


Inside this month’s issue:

FREE GIFT: Add designers Eric Lang and Bruno Faidutti to sneaky social deduction game Secrets with one of two collectible cards!

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: We explore the irradiated America of the post-apocalyptic miniatures game and find out how its roleplaying roots have led to a wargame like no other

Stuffed Fables: The next project from Mice & Mystics creator Jerry Hawthorne is fairy tales, Pixar movies and bedtime stories all rolled into one. And you play it inside a book!

Fake board games: Is there a counterfeit in your collection? We look inside the dark world of tabletop forgeries and tell you how to spot a fake

How We Made: Dominion mastermind Donald X. Vaccarino reveals how he single-handedly created the deckbuilding genre

The Viking Game: Hnefatafl was an ancient game of kings and warriors played by the Norse centuries ago, but it’s been making a comeback in recent years. Historians and modern fans explain why

Vengeance: Meet gaming’s bloody, brutal love letter to revenge movies such as Kill Bill, John Wick and Oldboy

Streaming Ahead: Playing RPGs live on the internet has never had a bigger audience, with millions tuning in. We speak to stars of streaming about the phenomenon

10 of the Best RPGs: Whether you’re into fantasy adventures, hacking megacorps in a sci-fi dystopia or blackly comic crime capers, we’ve got the roleplaying game for you

All the Jahres: Delving into the questionable themes of 1989’s Café International

Have You Played? : Neighborhood rivalry in Terra Mystica

My Favourite Game: Mangaka designer Jason Thompson on why Cosmic Encounter is out of this world

Painting Guide: Brushing across the universe with Star Saga’s villains

Pulsar 2849
Civilization: A New Dawn
Dungeons & Dragons: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything
Indian Summer
Clank! In! Space!
Massive Darkness
Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate
Ex Libris
Hunt for the Ring
Sidereal Confluence
Elite Encounters
Asset Drop
Dragon Castle