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Liber Chaotica #3 - Nurgle (Limited Edition)

Liber Chaotica #3 - Nurgle (Limited Edition)
Category: Novels & Comics
Sub Category: Novels
Publish Year: 2003
Dimensions: 8x12x.33"
Restockable: No
Type: Hardcover

Liber Chaotica #3 - Nurgle (Limited Edition)


Penned by the former poet and playwright, Marijan von Staufer, this unholy text so disgusted the population at large that the authorities were petitioned to withdraw all copies from distribution and to takes steps to apprehend the author.

Agents were dispatched and most copies of the aforementioned text have been found and burned (although a few samples are suspected to survive in the hands of a small hard-core of known deviants). As yet the author of this foul study has evaded capture, and rumors of a second work along a similar vein as Liber Slaanesh have begun to circulate. Why any man of civilization and learning would turn his attentions to such a clearly insane endeavor as writing these blasphemous tomes is beyond comprehension.

Suffice to say the authorities advise calm and have assured the concerned populace that it is only a matter of time before this subversive is apprehended.

This limited edition version is encased in branded wood. It is individually numbered in its extremely limited run of only 300 copies.