#64 w/Shin-Sekigahara - Ieyasu versus Mitsunari

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Product Line: Game Journal - Magazine w/Games #51-100 (Japanese)

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#64 w/Shin-Sekigahara - Ieyasu versus Mitsunari
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English rules not included unless noted in the condition note.

In this work, in order to increase the hand of each player's army, purchase each Daimyo 's action card, place it in a deck, play the cards drawn from the deck from the deck, Must be increased.

On the other hand, in order to increase the number of cards that you can purchase for your army deck, you need to increase the VP area dominated by your army, but to do so you must occupy the VP area under the control of other forces or dominate the VP area You have to have a neutral lord of war to participate in your side.

As a result, each player increases the VP area under the control of the army, puts the action card of the Daimyo into his deck, puts the daimyo into the war game, increases the number of hands of his army, thereby increasing the action of his army It is necessary to establish a cycle of increasing the VP area under the control of the army.

The game starts from the time when Fujima, Ikeda, Asano, Yamauchi and other fairytale names before the start of "Oyama Evaluation" have not yet entered the East Army.

For this reason, all the castles of the Tokaido dominated by the Toyotomi Baden Daimyo Daimyo are in a neutral state, and the East player is to first advance the main force of Kanto main army to the Nobi Plain of the main battlefield, We must start by purchasing Daimyo's action card and pulling it from your army deck to join the East Army.

Meanwhile, the West Army needs to sweep the enemy control area of Kinai as soon as possible, increase the participation warlord daimyo, concentrate the main force on the main battlefield Nobi Plain.

In this way, each player increases his / her entrance feudal lord name, expands the dominance area, breaks down the enemy camp, decide by concentrating your army on the main battlefield.

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