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Black Orcs Regiment (2000 Edition)

By: Games Workshop

Type: Minis Box Set

Product Line: Warhammer Fantasy - Orcs & Goblins

10 figures

Last Stocked on 12/26/2017

Product Info

Black Orcs Regiment (2000 Edition)
Publish Year
MFG. Part #
Minis Box Set
Age Range
14 Years and Up


Black Orcs are the biggest and strongest of all Orcish breeds. Because of this advantage, they're able to grab the best gear and are invariably better armored than the rest of the ladz. This advantage also means that they're always in the thick of the fighting. Perhaps this reason is why there are so few Black Orcs, and why they usually form the ruling clan of a larger Orc tribe rather than a tribe in their own right. Even tribes with hardly any Black Orcs are often led by a Black Orc Warboss, and jolly grateful they are, too!

On the battlefield, Black Orcs like to concentrate on the job at hand. Disputes which would cause squabbling and disorder among the other greenskins are settled around the campfires the night before by means of orderly head-butting competitions and Gobbo throwing contests.

You may included Black Orc Boyz in your Orcs & Goblins army as a Special unit choice.

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