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Genre: RPG - Modern
Product Line: Fight!
Author: Christopher Peter
Publish Year: 2010
Pages: 248
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.6"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148545981
Mfg. part #: DM1001
Type: Softcover


Through the roar of the crowds, the warrior sizes up his opponent. This fight is but another step on the journey. The goal: physical perfection and mastery of technique. The path: unrelenting duels in the most dangerous tournament of all time.

In the crime-ridden streets of Independence City, a young woman looks for answers...and revenge for what happened to her. Her quest is hindered by brutal lieutenants with esoteric fighting styles on her way to a final confrontation with the crime lord behind it all.

At the cosmic nexus, the mystical rings that bind the universe together threaten to crack, plunging all that is into utter annihilation. One man stands a chance to hold it all together, but only if he can defeat the most powerful sorcerer in history in hand-to-hand combat.

A lone ninja stares at the warlord's fortress in the distance. She knows that if peace is to be restored, she will need to defeat each of the six demonic henchmen of the Dark Shogun.

All of these heroes share one thing in common: They are Fighters, the greatest martial artists in the world, and now their stories are yours.

Create your own Fighters, complete with unique move sets and character traits drawn directly from the worlds of fighting video games.

Design your own Special Moves with an effect-based system featuring over 130 elements.

Engage in combat with rules focused specifically on genre emulation, including a focus on combos, defense and countering, and distance and positioning.

Create your own campaigns based on the models found in the stories of fighting video games. Battle in tournament arenas, in gritty back alleys, and everywhere in between with the fate of the city, the world, or the universe at stake!

Fight! The Fighting Game RPG contains all you need to tell stories of over-the-top martial arts action and adventure as seen in the worlds of fighting video games.