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Perilous Vistas - Marshes of Malice

By: Frog God Games

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Pathfinder Sourcebooks & Supplements (Frog God Games)

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Perilous Vistas - Marshes of Malice
Tom Knauss
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Marshes of Malice, the latest entry into the Perilous Vistas series, joins real-world elements and the fantastical together to breathe fresh life into this overlooked environment. GMs receive a bevy of information about running a campaign or lone adventure in this rugged terrain that includes rules and advice on adjudicating travel across this challenging landscape and waterways, negotiating natural and man-made hazards, and determining prevailing weather conditions. This sourcebook fosters a greater understanding of the wetlands’ critical ecological role in relation to its inhabitants as well as neighboring biomes. If nothing else is certain, wetlands experience constant flux, which allows GMs to use uncertainty as their greatest ally. Unexpected and never-before-seen encounters enhance the exhilarating sensations of coming face to face with the great unknown.

Of course, this sourcebook strives to create a level playing field. Players benefit from a diverse array of feats, alternative skill usages, equipment, and spells to overcome otherwise insurmountable obstacles in order to win the day. Characters can emulate an ornery crocodile in battle, identify the best location to build a canal, create water-resistant shoes and clothing, find a missing corpse dumped in a swamp, and even launch a torpedo at an underwater target.

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