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Dark Age 2017 Master Rules

By: Dark Age Games

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Dark Age - Core & Assorted

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Dark Age 2017 Master Rules
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Play something dangerous.

Planet A23-Q4B. Known also as Attr. Nestled along the edge of the galactic frontier is a planet soaked in radiation, unstable tectonic activity, and savage weather patterns that come together to form one of the worst places in known space. It was here, on this hell, that mankind was abandoned. When the United Worlds collapsed into interstellar chaos, humanity – in nearly every sense of the word – fled this planet and left tens of thousands behind to perish. Despite everything angled against them, humans carved out an existence on this rock, and they did whatever it took to survive.

Centuries have passed and what remains of the humankind struggles to control even a portion of territory in a wild of mutants, aliens, cannibals, genetic aberrations, and robotic fiends. Every moment in this world is a test for survival. Only cunning, determination, and what little technology still remains from ages before can make the difference between living another day and an unmarked grave.

There really is only one immutable law here. One standard of truth in a very dangerous world – everything dies.

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