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Path to Glory - Two Player Starter Box

By: Dark Age Games

Type: Minis Box Set

Product Line: Dark Age - Core & Assorted

MSRP $69.99

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Path to Glory - Two Player Starter Box
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Minis Box Set


On the edge of the galaxy, heartless corporations found they could exploit the laws of the United Worlds in order to mine precious resources, and conduct immoral research into things like psychogenics, artificial intelligence, and bio-engineering. When the UW collapsed, these corporations didn’t think twice about abandoning the planet. Five hundred years later, humanity has survived on the desolate planet. It is assailed on all sides by aliens, monstrous horrors, mutant cannibals, and even meat-fueled robots. Can the relatively high-tech forces led by Saint Isaac survive against the honor-bound and brutal forces of the alien Ice Caste Dragyri?


• Highly detailed plastic miniatures – these are the first Dark Age models to ever appear in plastic. The 450-points of Saint Isaac models are produced in burnt orange, while the 450-points of Dragyri Ice Caste models are produced in pale blue.
• The best way to get started when it comes to Dark Age gaming – two starter forces, quick start rules, and exclusive scenario are all excellent starting points for understanding the game, and being ready for community and organized play.
• Even though this set will be the perfect place to started, the new models and great value for these plastics will also appeal to many veterans of the game.


5 Forsaken – Saint Isaac Sub-Faction models, 4 Dragyri Ice Caste models, their bases and Dark Age Unit Cards, a set of “quick start” rules for Dark Age, 6 twenty-sided dice, a set of punchboard terrain and templates, and an exclusive scenario designed for the contents of the box.

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