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Black Zocchi Set (5) (Plain)

By: Gamescience Dice (2015)

Type: Supplies

Product Line: Dice - Precision Edge High Impact - Opaque - Zocchi Pack (Plain) (Gamescience Dice 2015)

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Black Zocchi Set (5) (Plain)
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  • 3 SIDED DIE: The exciting new 3 sided die is numbered on its tips, and has the letters R, P, S on its flattest sides, for ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS. The d3 is ideal for simulating unarmed combat, or combat with a small person.

  • 5 SIDED DIE: This new 5 sided die has only 5 surfaces. It was test rolled more than 10,000 times to assure that no face came up more than 20% of the time. It is being used for Alzheimer's research by the Veterans Administration, but you can use it for 4+1 weapons like Magic Missiles; heavy-quarrel crossbows; warhammers; horseman's flail/mace; sickle, etc. or to change plains.

  • 14 SIDED DIE: The roll of 1 indicates this Monday and the roll of 8, indicates next Monday. This die generates days of the week for starting your campaign or establishing deadlines. It also generates the minimum number of minims, drams, ounces, teaspoons, gills, cups, pints, quarts or gallons of pixie dust, dragons blood, orcs blood, fairy teeth, elixirs, potions and etc. needed to incapacitate or cure player characters. It also generates the seconds, minutes or hours of reaction time needed before the concoction works.

  • 16 SIDED DIE: In addition to generating the 16 points on the compass for lost characters, or ounces of treasure found, it can simulate the rolling of 2 d8s for Dragons, 2 handed bastard swords, etc. It also speeds 20-4 like horseman fighting men on foot, simulated injury, dazed or surprise, targeted dagger throw, fighting in the dark or invisible foe.

  • 24 SIDED DIE: Earlier editions of D&D identified 8 uses for the d24. Instead of adding 4 to your mounted fighter, when fighting men on foot, just roll the 24, or use it to generate hours of the day, inches of snow, time required to complete a trip, etc. The fragmentation grenade calls for a roll of 4 d6+1. This totals 24+1, why not roll the d24+1 and design new outcomes for rolls of 1, 2, 3, 4? The d24 is really a 6 sided cube which has 4 sided pyramids built up on each flat face. When the numbers 1 through 24 are added together, they total 300. When 300 is divided by 6, it equals 50. There are two odd numbers and two even numbers which total 50 on each 4 sided pyramid group, on 4 sides of the die. Only one face totals 49 and the other totals 51. All opposing faces total 25.
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