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Wardens of the Wild - A Lorebook of Elves

By: Total Party Kill Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Sourcebooks & Supplements (Pathfinder/5E) (Total Party Kill Games)

Last Stocked on 6/30/2020

Product Info

Wardens of the Wild - A Lorebook of Elves
PJ Harn
Publish Year


Wardens of the Wild is a lorebook of all things elven.

Within these 220 pages are the details of their rich history, culture and relations with the other races along with some excellent fiction. As a lorebook, it is a compilation of vast amounts of new and existing elven character options all in one easy to reference sourcebook.

This product is fully compatible with both the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and 5e Dungeons & Dragons RPGs.

Inside you will find:

  • The core elven subraces (High, Grey, Sylvan) have been redefined and reimagined.
  • New elven subrace: Umbral elves, a mysterious lost tribe of elves trapped on the plane of shadows only to return and find themselves unwanted
  • New elven subrace: Elflings, a mischievous breed of elf and myriad other fey creatures
  • Half-elves reimagined with options for the various elf bloodlines
  • Elven craftsmanship is detailed, providing information on elven masterwork items, elven item qualities and exotic elven equipment, weapons and armors
  • Over 100 elven feats, including new feats for the Song of Swords combat style and newly introduced Reverie feats
  • Dozens of elven traits
  • 21 elven archetypes such as the Spider Champion (Antipaladin), the Forest Sentinel and Ley Line Channeler (Druid), Spelldancer (Magus), Limb Strider and Lone Wolf (Ranger)
  • 2 new classes, the Rampart alternate magus class, whom excels at defending and the Thorn Warden, a druid/rogue hybrid, who brings the spirit of the forest to life in battle.
  • Dozens of new spells and magic items
  • Flora and fauna of the elven woods, including the great Arsae'Ladir trees of life, and elven Cu Sidhe hound

    As only befitting the elves, the artwork within is gorgeous. Cover art by Anna Pazinuk (TPK Games), interiors by Tony Szczudlo (AD&D Birthright, Greyhawk, Magic the Gathering), Terry Pavlet (DC, Image, WotC), Tawny Fritz (Paizo), Eric Lofgren (FFG, Green Ronin, Paizo) among others.
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