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Lands of Darkness Mega Collection - 11 Books!

By: Expeditious Retreat Press

Type: Collection

Product Line: Fantasy Modules & Supplements (4e) (Expeditious Retreat Press)

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Lands of Darkness Mega Collection - 11 Books!
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As long as there is light there will be darkness, can you be the one to push the darkness back and spare the innocent from suffering? If you wanted 4e action that will last for session after session, you came to the right place. Featuring a complete story arc as well as sourcebooks and a campaign setting guide you will never again want for adventure. Includes:

  • Advanced Player's Guide
  • Castoffs and Crossbreeds
  • Freeport Companion
  • Lands of Darkness #1 - The Barrow Grounds
  • Lands of Darkness #2 - Cesspools of Arnac
  • Lands of Darkness #3 - The Woods of Woe
  • Lands of Darkness #4 - The Swamp of Timbermoor
  • Lands of Darkness #5 - The Iron Mountains
  • Lands of Darkness #5.5 - The Home for Wayward Minions
  • Lands of Darkness #6 - The Wild Hills
  • Nevermore
  • Plague
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