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#60 w/Storm Over Japan Homeland

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#60 w/Storm Over Japan Homeland
Category: War Games
Sub Category: War Game Magazines
Publish Year: 2016
Pages: 82
Dimensions: 8.25x11.75x.25"
Restockable: Yes
Type: Magazine

#60 w/Storm Over Japan Homeland


English rules not included unless noted in the condition note.

August 15, 1945. Due to the coup drafted by the Army, the US cabinet, which was established after receiving the resignation of the Koiso cabinet, collapsed. The Emperor Showa was placed in de facto embargo, and a few moderate quarters who survived said, "If Sutaro Suzuki is alive at this time ...", thinking of the elder navy soldier assassinated in 226 cases, As I said, the Anan Cabinet, which was established in exchange, rejected the Potsdam Declaration and declared to continue resolving the Jihad.

Meanwhile, the US government, which had caused a significant delay in the development of atomic bombs, decided to carry out the downfall strategy of the Japanese mainland.

In this way, history drives the Great Japan Empire into the worst catastrophe in history.
And in November 1945. They came.

Under the support of a large aircraft army and large fleet covering the sea sky in southern Kyushu, the Allied Forces' large troops started landing on Miyazaki Beach, Shibushi Bay and Fukihama Beach.

"The mainland decisive battle 1945" is a simulation board game which reproduced the virtual game when Suzuki Sotaro was assassinated in 226 cases, when the atomic bomb development was delayed and entered the mainland decisive battle in "Pearl Harbor Assault" system.

At the beginning of the game, all areas of the mainland Japan are under the control of the Japanese Army and control of each area is indicated by "control marker", but the back of one of the "control markers" is the imperial governance power It is a "national body" marker that symbolizes the "national body" marker, if the coalition forces the "national body" marker to be captured by the Allied Forces, the Japanese player unconditionally defeats, otherwise win or lose in the VP etc. of the area which is dominated at the end of the game judge.

Do you protect the 'national body' and decorate the "end of life beauty" of the Imperial Army and Sea Army? Or will it be judged at the historical courtroom as a war criminal of a falling country who destroyed the national race?