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13 True Ways (Limited Edition)

By: Pelgrane Press

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: 13th Age (d20)

Last Stocked on 2/10/2023

Product Info

13 True Ways (Limited Edition)
Product Line
Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet, Robin D. Laws
Publish Year
NKG Part #


For Players:

  • New classes including the druid, monk, and chaos shaman
  • Multiclassing rules
  • New summoning rules and summoning spells
  • Rules for dragon-riding. (Note that this pretty much implies that there will be rules for riding horses too, but screw horses. Dragon-riding!)
  • Racial feats (probably)
  • Feats associated with the icons (probably)

    For the Setting:

  • Details on the world’s forests and woods that make them as diverse and distinct as the cities
  • Details on monasteries, each of the monastic traditions and the proxy wars between competing orders
  • More about living dungeons
  • A short guide to the Empire’s finest, most distinctive or most dangerous taverns
  • Illustrated comparisons of what an adventurer tier, champion tier and epic tier environment should look like
  • Fantastic maps of the overworld and portions of the underworld
  • A cutaway map of a typical elven wood

    For GMs:

  • Stats for the 13 icons so that various types of campaigns can bring them on stage
  • Gladiatorial games from the imperial city of Axis
  • Playable dungeons and flying realms in a quick-hit format designed to provide the high points the GM needs most, with suggestions for the rest of the experience
  • Monsters with monster tiles including summoned creatures and fan-created creatures
  • More cursed treasures that will make players hate themselves for wanting them so badly. Also possibly some normal non-cursed treasures.
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