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By: Stepan Stefanik

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: Rone

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Product Line
Stepan Stefanik
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Boxed Game


Genetic engineering and body implants reached a peak and genetic and mechanic modifications of the human body have become a normal part of life. Greediness and overpopulation of human race continuously escalated and life on the planet started to be severe. People began to suffer from water scarcity and armed conflicts have become an everyday reality. It was just a matter of time that the outcome of international tensions resulted in the first nuclear war.

The war evaporated every achievement of the human race, leaving behind only a handful of usable resources for the remaining scattered groups of survivors. Now, they must fight each other for dominance over the remnants of the past. Welcome to the New Era!

RONE:Awakening is the first expansion of the post-apocalyptic card game RONE: Races of New Era. This expansion pack contains 100 new cards with four new keywords (Flying, Shield, Strike and Combat), which takes the classic core set gameplay to another level. New cards, new combinations, and new opportunities await. Enhance your old army with new technologies, dust off your air force, and fight for the victory!


  • 100 playing cards
  • 3 rules cards