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Apes Victorious

Apes Victorious
Author: Daniel Proctor
Publish Year: 2016
Pages: 120
Dimensions: 8.5x11x1"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: GBD4001-HARD
Type: Hardcover


"An ape! We're on a planet ruled by apes!"

Apes Victorious is a roleplaying game in which you take the role of an astronaut from the 1970's who finds himself marooned on a future Earth ruled by intelligent apes. Players may also take the role of an ape, a degenerated human, or a psi-active under dweller. Fight to survive in this post-apocalyptic future ruled by four species of apes. Or play apes who hunt humans for sport. For a different kind of campaign, play highly intelligent but insane underdwellers who have advanced technology and powerful psi powers.

Inside you will this book you will find:

• A complete game
• A post-nuclear apocalyptic setting in which apes have become the dominant species
• Six player classes
• Animals and creatures of the post-nuclear future
• Campaign advice
• A complete introductory adventure
• Conversion notes for compatible games including: Labyrinth Lord, Mutant Future, Starships & Spacemen