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Amerika - Kickstarter Bonus Figures

Amerika - Kickstarter Bonus Figures
Category: War Games
Product Line: Amerika
Product Note: 30 figures
Publish Year: 2016
Restockable: No
Type: Miniatures Pack


Each of the three forces in Amerika receives their own set of custom pieces depicting actual vehicles in use or concepts in historical literature. Extensive research was done on all of these bringing the most realism possible to this fictional conflict. All 30 unit sculpts are unique to this game and cannot be found anywhere else. Our minis match perfectly in scale and color to other HBG pieces as well as popular games on the market making this game's units fully compatible. Our pieces even look great painted since each piece is molded using 3D modeling technology. Vehicles are approximately 1:285 scale. Aircraft are approximately 1:600 - 1:700 scale.


  • 1x Initiative Marker
  • 2x Ho-229
  • 2x E-555
  • 2x VK4502
  • 2x E-100 Maus
  • 2x VK 1602 Leopard
  • 2x Jagd E-50
  • 2x Tiger II (P)
  • 2x Panther II
  • 2x He 277 Amerika Bomber
  • 2x K-200
  • 2x G1ON1
  • 2x Ho-Ri
  • 2x Chi-Ri
  • 2x J8N-1 Kikka
  • 2x Ho-NI III
  • 2x Type-28
  • 2x B-47 Stratojet
  • 2x P-59
  • 2x M6
  • 2x M18 Hellcat