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Russian Campaign, The - Variant & Replacement Counters

By: Camelot Games (USA)

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: Avalon Hill Counters (Camelot Games - USA)

Last Stocked on 2/15/2023

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Russian Campaign, The - Variant & Replacement Counters
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These variant and replacement game pieces are printed at 600dpi, double side laminated plastic, that are cut completely through for easy removal. They still require a sharp hobby knife and a pair of scissors because the lamination will stretch. Snapping forward and backward on a single game piece from a strip works well also. These are water proof, and very durable. They are thicker and heavier than usual (.067in) and are easy to pick up.

We have completely redesigned the counters for this old classic. The unit boxes now have rounded corners like our others, factory images are now used for workers, new colors for axis allies and Luftwaffe including flags and unit crests. Includes the 2nd and 3rd edition counters.

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