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Black Magic Ritual Kit

Black Magic Ritual Kit
Category: Board Games
Publish Year: 1974
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: AVH713
Type: Boxed Game

Black Magic Ritual Kit


Please read carefully. You have in your possession a kit that allows you to simulate the magic circle accurate with all the specifics needed for the hour of casting according to traditional rituals.

You have further a ritual made of authentic, traditional passages of the textbooks of magic.

It is precisely from such elements that the tradition of magic and spirit conjuration have been derived.

The makers of this kit have been concerned only to explain the principle parts and demonstrate how the magic tradition is used. The consequences of performing the ritual are dependent upon the psychic awareness level and skill of the performer. It is here recognized that persons vary as to their level of psychic awareness and belief in spirit worlds.

No claims are made with this kit as to results. The ritual has been modified to assure beneficial spirits. Use of the kits for other purposes is beyond control of the maker.

Use the kit in fun and stay within the confines of the spirit indicated. These spirits are good and will serve you well. And, you may have fun as your mind and spirit relate to these forces.

Convert the image to malevolent spirits at your risk. Remember Crowley's warning that the textbooks of magic are all that are required to conjure any spirit.