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#347 "Raids in History, How To Fences & Hedges, Broken Legions"

#347 "Raids in History, How To Fences & Hedges, Broken Legions"
Sub Category: Historical Magazines
Publish Year: 2016
Pages: 97
Dimensions: 8.25x11.5x.1"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: BFMWI347
Type: Magazine


In This Issue:

  • Strike Fast, Strike Hard, Get Out!: An introduction to our theme, exploring the role of raids in history and looking at featuring these actions on the tabletop.
  • The Scale of the Game: Some ideas on expanding the gaming possibilities of a number of Flames Of War related products.
  • Wolves of the Sea: Dash, derring-do and danger in the best traditions of the Royal Navy as we take a look at gaming with the inspiration behind the Hornblower novels.
  • As Flowers Before the Scythe: Nick Buxey and Richard Hattersley present an insight into another of their club projects, this time focusing on one of the most famous battles in Scottish history.
  • Ride along: The raids of JEB Stuart during the American Civil War are ripe for campaign play, so this article looks at how to run a series of games using any ACW ruleset.
  • Rules Showcase: ROGUE STARS A closer look at this upcoming set of sci-fi skirmish rules from Osprey Games.
  • Not by Strength, but by Guile: A personal view on putting together a World War Two Long Range Desert Group force for the tabletop.
  • How To... Simple Fences and Hedges: Pail Davies presents another in his series of ‘make it yourself’ articles.
  • Operation Prelim: The Pebble Island raid by the British SAS during the Falklands War, with ideas for gaming and new rules for the Living on the Frontline ruleset.
  • Project Showcase: The Siege of Athlone, 1690 A familiar story to many - one man’s quest to bring a visual spectacle to the tabletop.
  • Big Damn Heroes, Sir!: World War Two with a fantasy twist as we take a look at the concept and creative ideas behind this raid game designed to showcase the Panzerfauste rules.
  • Show Report: BATTLEGROUP SOUTH A photographic account of our visit to this well respected show held at the Tank Museum Bovington, UK.
  • Designer’s notes: BROKEN LEGIONS A look at the creation of a game designed to take you on adventures within the realm of Ancient mythology and the Roman and Greek Empires.
  • Designer’s notes: OVER THE HILLS One of the authors behind this set of manageable mass battle rules provides an insight into the design process and key aspects of the game.
  • Paper Soldiers Circa 1066: The latest book in the Battles For Britain ‘Paper Soldiers’ series by Andy Callan and Peter Dennis takes us to 1066, complete with armies of Saxons, Vikings and Normans simply a copier button away!
  • Custer's Last Stand: In a follow-up to last month’s theme, the Leuchars Veteran Wargamers present details of their attempt to bring a classic ‘blunder’ to the game show tabletop.
  • Escalating Bolt Action: An insight into the Escalation events run all over the UK using these rules from Warlord Games.