Gods of Wor - The Middle Kingdoms

By: Three Sages Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Realms of Wor (d20)

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Gods of Wor - The Middle Kingdoms
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Curtis Lyon
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Journey into the realms of Alia-Wor, where adventure and mystery await!

The Gods of Wor are alive and well, and have taken a hand in the affairs of the world for countless millennia- sometimes for good sometimes for ill. Their Priests and Holy Servants are always working to further their ends, empowered with blessings by the deities they serve. Ignore the gods if you wish, but never assume they will ignore you...

Where do you stand in their affairs?

Within these covers you'll find 36 pages packed with information about the deities and religions of the Middle Kingdoms:

  • Rules to help the Referee handle divine intervention
  • All of the major Human gods and goddesses of the region
  • The religious practices of local Dwarves, Elves, and Gaugur
  • The benefits (and costs) of serving a deity as a Priest or Hero
  • The major holy days and religious rites of the Middle Kingdoms
  • Dark and evil gods, and the boons they grant their NPC servitors
  • New monsters and beings to help or hinder the characters
  • New magic items and holy relics for characters to quest after
  • Gods of the Middle Kingdoms gives your characters a reason to serve a deity and follow its practices, adding depth to the faithful of your fantasy world!
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