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#346 "Poseidon's Warriors, Bolt Action Big Battles, Jane Austen Zombie Killer"

By: Stratagem Publications

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Wargames Illustrated Magazine #301 - #350

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#346 "Poseidon's Warriors, Bolt Action Big Battles, Jane Austen Zombie Killer"
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In this issue:

  • If You Can Keep Your Head: Neil Smith introduces our theme this month, using rules examples and moments from history to draw us into the world of the ‘blunder’.
  • Figures Spotlight: Warlord Games Plastic Fallschirmjager: Phil Lewis looks at creating 28mm German Paratroopers for a range of different theatres.
  • Making a Game out of a Mistake: Doomed heroism and the tabletop wargame, Anglo-Zulu War style.
  • Bolt Action: Big Battles: How to ‘go large’ with this set of World War Two rules.
  • DOH! What are the practical things needed to wargame various styles of ‘blunder’ on the tabletop?
  • Two Battles, Two Landmarks: Nick Buxey looks at the creation of two key buildings that provide a focus for a particular couple of battles.
  • Between the Jaws of Hyenas: In recreating the disaster at Adwa in 1896 on the tabletop, Pete Brown provides a scenario which can be used for various blundering situations.
  • How to... Make a North American covered bridge: Paul Davies presents his latest model making project.
  • Blundering to Glorify: Prolific games designer Sam Mustafa presents some ideas dealing with ‘blunders’ within some of his rules systems.
  • The Battle of Ramillies: Simon MacDowall shares his experience and expertise of wargaming one of Europe’s greatest Eighteenth Century battles.
  • Partizan 2016: A round up of this ‘revived’ show, bigger, better, brighter!
  • Jane Austin, Zombie Killer: Sometimes, classic literature and modern cinema can be blended to create a whole new gaming genre - Georgian zombie hunting, anyone?
  • White Russia: There’s no business like snow business, and no battles like those which include snow…
  • Poseidon's Warriors: Ramming speed! Rules author John Lambshead provides an insight into this new set of Ancient naval warfare rules.
  • Flames of War and the World Wide Web: A look at the range of internet locations where Flames Of War gamers can find interesting content.
  • Grimsby Wargames Club: The latest in our feature looking at the UK club scene, this time at a club which owns its own premises.
  • Fight Talk - The Right Stuff: Pete Brown ask questions about a topic which vexes many and leaves others completely cold – do we have the right to demand that others have the "right stuff?"
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