Hakkaa Palle Arctic Map Trio w/Sea Zone Map

By: Diffraction Entertainment

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: War Games (Diffraction Entertainment)

also for use with Barbarossa or Blitzkrieg

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Hakkaa Palle Arctic Map Trio w/Sea Zone Map
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This set of maps adds a large sea zone display that will fit around any maps that you feel as a player could do with more sea room for naval operations. At 30" by 26" this is a large area and can be used with products published by other games companies.

The Arctic Map Trio consists of 3 maps showing the Svalbard region of the Arctic, these maps provide additional sea room for Arctic naval operations. In addition we have provided a small amount of counter art to permit players to play the various minor ground engagements in the area (mostly at Spitzbergen), and have generated a number of naval engagements that simulate the passing of PQ 16, 17, and 18 through these heavily contested waters giving you all a taster of the action to come in Barbarossa!

Ownership of Blitzkrieg and Hakkaa Paalle is required to play the modules included.

These maps overlap fully with Hakkaa Paalle, Barbarossa, and Bliztkreig.

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