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Best of Fenix - Complete Collection!
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Volume 1

In this first anthology you will find myths and legends of different kinds, some true to classic source material and others warped through a brand new filter. During the crowdfunding it was decided that the following will be included:

Once Upon a Time in the North - This setting by Kenneth Hite is a Western moved a century into the future and restaged in the far North. Can be played like anything from a classical western (northern) to pulp, cyberpunk or horror. In episode 77 of the always great podcast Ken and Robin Talk about Stuff they discuss nerdtrooping the Western, using this article as an example on how to do it. You find the podcast at

Myths & Legends - David Bergkvist on how to use myths, legends and fairytales, and basing adventures on specific myths. The article also includes two creatures from Norse mythology: Vittera and Näcken.

City of the Golden Vampires - Kenneth Hite on one possible truth behind the lie and legend of El Dorado, with four possible stories to stage in that setting, each set in its own era.

And many more!

Volume 2
This horror volume should hopefully send chills down your spine. Kenneth Hite’s game The Last Flight of KG 200 is quite possibly the most appreciated material in Fenix ever. Below you find the articles that were included in this volume as part of the crowdfunding (but some bonus material will be added as well):

The Lion in Fimbulwinter - Kenneh Hite on Sweden in The Day After Raganrok.

Smiles of a Summer Night - A horror scenario by Åsa Roos, set in present day Stockholm, Sweden during the Summer. The Mediterranean Museum is launching a new exhibition, including a mislabeled artefact...

The House That Jack Built - Martin Brodén Rother-Schirren incorporates Jack the Ripper with the Golden Dawn in a campaign setting where the Whitechapel murders are the starting point to an occult/horror campaign where almost anything can be added.

The Last Flight of KG 200 - Kenneth Kenneth Hite’s horror storytelling game presents a desperate crew, flying out of the heart of darkness, into the heart of mystery. It might kill them all, or worse: reveal the truth they fly from.

Golem - Åsa Roos on the legend of Golem and how it can be used in play.

And many more!

Volume 3
Steampunk and space travel are two main ingredients in this volume. Below you will find the material the crowdfunders helped to include - but you will find some bonus material in this volume as well:

Angels and Ministers of Space - Kenneth Hite on Newtonian angel powered space travel in an alternate 17th century on the seven planets. An inspiring article fat packed with weird.

Leviathan - Baroque Escapades in the Belly of the Beast - Leviathan is an RPG by Daniel Krauklis and the name of an interstellar ark starship floating through cosmos without anybody at the helm, populated by a race who no longer remembers its past. Baroque Escapades in the Belly of the Beast.

Ichneumon - A Parasite Steampunk RPG - A brilliant parasite steampunk RPG by Kenneth Hite. This game infects your existing steampunk game, living behind its scenes, warping its stories and affecting the characters.

AI: Automatic Intelligence - Johan Salomonsson and Johan Englund combines I, Robot and Das Kapital in this steampunk setting full of inspiration and scenario seeds.

RunePunk SteamQuest - Pete Nash on how to steampunk your RuneQuest gaming experience.

And many more!

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