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Band of Brothers (Deluxe Edition)

By: Critical Hit

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: Advanced Tobruk System - Normandy

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Band of Brothers (Deluxe Edition)
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Haut Fornel , Normandy, France, 6 June 1944: The afternoon of D-Day wore on with numerous disjointed actions in the Normandy countryside for the Screaming Eagles. Preceding the main body of C Company was a point of twenty-three men under Lieutenant Morton J. Smit. As the point approached the village of Haut Fornel, a truck suddenly pulled up and twenty Germans leaped out. Smit unloaded on them, dropping ten, and scattering the remainder. Meanwhile, the main force of Company C under Captain Hancock heard the firing and moved forward to investigate.

Just then Hancock saw a German battery—two 88s on halftracks—enter the village and halt just to his front. Hancock split his force into two groups, seventeen men on a wide sweep to the left and another seventeen under Lieutenant Jack Borchard, to come up from the right. Action intensified quickly, as another gun-towing truck was seen and a German platoon entered the village on foot. Private William Kelly managed to disable one of the 88s with a Bazooka round (the other disappeared). Enemy mortar and machine-gun fire took its toll and halted the American attack. The Germans tried to push forward but were stopped by accurate machine-gun and mortar fire from an 81mm mortar commanded by Lieutenant Rance Cotton of 1st Battalion’s HQ Company. The tables turned, most of the German soldiers turned and fled. Hancock and Cotton then went forward and rounded up thirteen prisoners.

The DELUXE experience for ATSers is here with the largest hex size EVER for the system. With the entire line getting the love it needs (read: the retro graphics that make you feel like 15 years old all over again, color-touched scenarios, the counter art you crave) there is exactly zero reasons NOT to do fun and unique things with the resulting games, maps, and more. To that end, we bring you ATS Band of DELUXE Brothers, which brings you 8 Drop Zone Normandy scenarios in a new printing to play on the LARGEST-hexed map in the history of the system, that means a 2.25" hex that is LARGER than the former DELUXE hexes were. A true no-stacking experience, plus terrain art you will love. PLUS, all the combat counters you need to play!


  • 1 Color Wraparound Cover Sheet
  • Nine 18” x 12.5” Color Cardstock Maps
  • One Countersheets of 148 Counters
  • 2 ATS Battlefield Walkaround Sheets
  • 8 Scenarios
Scenarios included:

  • On to La Barquette – La Barquette, France, June 6th 1944
  • Strayer Forward – Near Utah Beach Exit 1, Normandy, Frnace, June 6th 1944
  • On to Pouppeville – Between Drop Zone C and Puppeville, Normandy, France, June 6th 1944
  • Firs to Close – Foucarville, Normandy, June 6th 1944
  • Three Patrol Action – Haut Fornel, Normandy, France, June 6th 1944
  • Sink’s Orders – Normandy, France, June 7th 1944
  • Tense Moments – Near Les Droueries, Normandy, June 7th 1944
  • Man and Machine – Outside Carentan, Normandy, June 13th 1944

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