Barry Carter's Naval War Games

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Type: Novel - Softcover

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Barry Carter's Naval War Games
Barry Carter, John Curry
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Novel - Softcover


This book, first published in 1975, deals with the most popular period for fighting sea battles in miniature - the First and Second World Wars. The author takes the reader through his own rules, which aim above all at practical playability and they are illustrated by numerous diagrams. Based on a simplified Fletcher Pratt damage system, they cover movement, gunnery, torpedoes, as well as submarines and air craft. The rules are shown in action in the defense of a convoy in the Adriatic Sea in 1915 and the hunt for a Japanese raiding cruiser in 1942. Naval campaigns are also discussed, with the example of a semi historical-naval campaign around Korea in 1918. China and Korea are facing Russia and Japan. The campaign rules describe practical ways to manage fuel, combat at sea, allocating ships and use of troops. This classic book has been republished by the History of Wargaming Project as part of the effort to document the development of wargaming.

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