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Nautilus Industries - Exploit the Bounties of the Sea (Kickstarter Edition)

Nautilus Industries - Exploit the Bounties of the Sea (Kickstarter Edition)
Category: Board Games
Publish Year: 2015
Restockable: No
Type: Boxed Game


Nautilus Industries is a game Leif designed several years ago, and has been developing and testing since. It would be classed as a medium euro, with a fast play time and setup. Some of the key elements include: Market manipulation, board manipulation, and some worker placement.

In Nautilus Industries, players will take on the role of a business owner who seeks their fortune at the bottom of the sea. Word has spread of the riches that can be gathered from the depths, and the race to mine these rare earth elements has begun! Player will take actions, in turn order, that include: Programming robots to mine the depths for specific elements, upgrade their storage capability, change the order of the board tiles, buy upgrades, or invest in one of 5 companies.

This Kickstarter exclusive edition includes a unique slipcover and custom meepes and coins.