Very Best of March Madness, The - Volume #1

By: Kansas City ASL Club

Type: Module

Product Line: Advanced Squad Leader (KCASL Club)

Last Stocked on 1/4/2022

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Very Best of March Madness, The - Volume #1
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The Kansas City ASL Club proudly offers The Very Best of March Madness (Vol.1) containing 15 scenarios from March Madness Limited Editions Packs 2009-2012 (now out of print).

  • PP03 Ukrainian Mutiny, near Aushwitz, Poland, 4 July 1943.
    5 Turns, Ukrainian Partisan vs German SS
  • PP04 Partisan Fight, near Przebraze, eastern Galacia, 6 July 1943.
    7.5 Turns, Polish vs UPA
  • PP05 Hot Zemlyankas! East of Angara, Crimea, 2 January 1944.
    8.5 Turns, Partisan vs Romanian
  • PP06 Sturmwind on the Sopot, Osuchy, Poland, 25 June 1944.
    9.5 Turns, German vs Partisan
  • PP08 No Simple Victory, Kurylowka, Poland, 7 May 1945.
    7.5 Turns, Polish vs Russian NKVD
  • MM03 The Jews Have Guns! Warsaw Ghetto, Poland, 19 April 1943.
    5.5 Turns, Partisan vs German SS
  • MM04 Is Paris Burning, Paris, France, 23 August 1944.
    8 Turns, Partisan vs German
  • MM09 Old Child Labor, Oudeschild, Netherlands, 6 April 1945.
    7 Turns, German vs Georgian/Partisan
  • MM11 Kriegsmarine at de Koog, 8 April 1945.
    7.5 Turns, Georgian vs German
  • MM12 Texel Airport, Vlijt Airport, Netherlands, 14 April 1945.
    10 Turns, Georgian vs German
  • MM13 Texel Lighthouse, De Cocksdorp, Netherlands, 22 April 1945.
    8 Turns, Georgian vs German
  • MM15 Crossroads at Suxy, Suxy, Belgium, 11 May 1940.
    6.5 Turns, French vs German
  • MM16 Eve of Destruction, Oktiabr’skii State Farm, west of Prokhorovka, Russia, 11 July 1943.
    5 Turns, Russian vs German SS
  • MM17 Busting the Bocage, Vicinity of St. Martin de-Tallevende, France, 6 August 1944.
    5.5 Turns, German vs American
  • MM24 Fort IX, Warsaw, Poland, 26 September 1939.
    9.5 Turns, Polish vs German

    Please note, this contains only the reprinted ASL scenarios. Game pieces and other accessories are not included.
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