Tropico - Paradise Island

By: Gathering of Developers

Type: Software (boxed)

Product Line: Computer Games (Gathering of Developers)


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Tropico - Paradise Island
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Software (boxed)


As an all-powerful dictator, you'll manipulate resources to create your own thriving Caribbean paradise while lining your personal Swiss bank accounts. The Tropico: Paradise Island expansion pack features new scenarios, people, vehicles, and buildings to increase the clout of el Presidente and intensify his lust for power.

The expansion pack forces players to deal with the disastrous effects of tropical weather in the form of hurricanes and tropical storms, hoof-and-mouth disease, and red tide. Such disasters can translate into both economic and human losses. Fragile buildings crumble, including homes, docks, and bunkhouses. Crops are lost and morale decreases. As el Presidente, the player must restore the island's beauty and the people's faith in him.

Other features include more than 20 new scenarios, including a Gilligan's Island spoof, other tourism scenarios, and military challenges. New characters include ecotourists and spring-break tourists with boats that cater to their personalities. New dictator attributes allow for the success of even the most evil ruler.

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