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Adventures Codex #1

Adventures Codex #1
Genre: RPG - Fantasy
Author: Paul Wade-Williams
Publish Year: 2015
Pages: 550
Dimensions: 8.5x11x2"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: TAG10118
Type: Hardcover


Triple Ace Games is proud to announce a series of epic hardback books which contain the adventures previously published by TAG. The first book to be published in the Codex range is the Hellfrost Adventure Codex (Codex I)

Epic adventure in the lands of snow & ice!

The Hellfrost Adventure Codex contains twenty exciting adventures for the snowy northern regions!

Within these pages you will find the following adventures:

  • Lair Of The Vermin Lord
  • The Dark Seed
  • Pirates Of The Crystalflow
  • The Eostre Festival
  • Lost City Of Paraxus
  • Descent Into Madness
  • The Ice Fiend
  • Fey Tower & Deadly Glade
  • Sins Of The Father
  • The Blood Of Godhammer
  • The Blood Tide
  • Tales Of Darkness
  • Against The Elements
  • Web Of Deceit
  • Death In The Mire
  • Clash Of Steel
  • Shadow Of Darkness
  • The Siege Of Watchgap Fort
  • The Heart Of Winter
  • The Frost Giant’s Hold

    Hellfrost is an epic fantasy setting for the award winning Savage Worlds RPG system. The Hellfrost Adventure Codex collects together twenty of the finest adventures produced for Hellfrost and takes your characters on a journey from Novice to Veteran level. Fight frost giants and ice goblins, search ancient tombs and discover precious treasures! Your heroes are about to step into an epic world of adventure!