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#2 w/Uprising & Army of Shadows

By: Flying Pig Games

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Yaah! Magazine (Flying Pig Games)

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#2 w/Uprising & Army of Shadows
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Brian Train's made his name on smart, innovative designs about asymmetrical warfare, and Yaah! is proud to present two of them. UPRISING and ARMY OF SHADOWS are two-player games that pit an oppressive state against a desperate but growing rebellion. Each game provides a distinctive, replayable, and non-random take on this common theme that mirrors and complements the other-- a dazzling diptych of doubt and insurgency.

In UPRISING, the State knows where the rebel units are, but not what they are-- violent radicals, passive sympathizers, or simply shadows? The Rebels must misdirect the State to buy themselves the time to build a loose-knit network born of popular unrest into a force capable of declaring open revolution-- but will they overthrow the current regime, or be crushed?

In ARMY OF SHADOWS, both players have their own map and set of counters-- but only the Insurgent Player knows for sure where his units are located. It's a tense and desperate race as the State tries to find and destroy the insurgency before the army of shadows can seize the capitol.

Each game unfolds as a knife-edge battle of wits between the two players, where a single mistake can topple a government or crush a rebellion.

Our professionally printed version includes the full-color, perfect-bound magazine, two maps, and die-cut counters.