Advanced Damage Tables for Small Arms (2nd Printing)

By: Leading Edge Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Phoenix Command

Last Stocked on 1/11/2022

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Advanced Damage Tables for Small Arms (2nd Printing)
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This Advanced Damage Tables Supplement is an idea! companion to the Phoenix Command Combat System, and provides a detailed, graphic expansion of the Hit Location and Damage Tables. In addition to Physical Damage, this supplement shows the actual bullet path through flesh, bones, and organs. Over 60 detailed Hit Locations are presented, covering shots from the Front, Side, and Rear, and from Oblique angles. In addition to these improvements in the Hit Location and Damage Tables, this supplement also includes other important features:
Low Penetration Weapons: The expanded Tables accurately show the effects of Low Penetration weapons, like under-powered pistols and Shotguns firing Bird Shot.

Shock: Some wounds are more painful than they are lethal. This supplement accurately presents the effects of pain and Shock, as opposed to Physical Damage.

Glancing Off Bone: When a bullet hits a Bone, it will sometimes bounce off and continue through vital tissue, rather than expending its energy breaking the Bone. This is taken into account for the first time in this supplement.

The Advanced Damage Tables Supplement is an optional rules set designed for use with other Leading Edge products, including the Phoenix Command Combat System and the Living Steel Adventure Game.

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