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Battle Over Sharn - Art Print on Canvas (Limited Edition)

Condition: NM
Condition Note: #166 of 250
Our Price: $395.00

Battle Over Sharn - Art Print on Canvas (Limited Edition)
Sub Category: Art, Prints & Books
Author: Wayne Reynolds
Publish Year: 2005
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148330392
Type: Art

Battle Over Sharn - Art Print on Canvas (Limited Edition)


This fabulous art print is part of a limited edition of only 250 and comes complete with a certificate of authenticity. This giclee print is textured to give the aesthetic quality of brushstrokes, and is printed on canvas to further enhance this effect.

It is already framed and ready for your favorite social space as an elegant yet nerdy conversation piece. The piece was originally featured as the cover of the Sharn: City of Towers. This beautiful painting was inspired by an encounter from one of the earliest playtests of the Eberron Campaign Setting – a marauding band of airborne gnolls attacking a bold adventuring party travelling by skycoach through the breathtaking, magic-laced metropolis of Sharn. It is sure to catch the eye of any lover of Eberron.

Print measures 15” x 38” with frame and is signed and numbered by artist Wayne Reynolds.