Poison Tree, The

By: Onyx Path Publishing

Type: Novel - Softcover

Product Line: Werewolf - The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary (Onyx Path Publishing)

Last Stocked on 3/4/2019

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Poison Tree, The
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Novel - Softcover


Savannah is under siege.

For 20 years the minions of the Wyrm have threatened the Coastal Empire, checked only by the courage and cunning of the Shadow Lords. Every year, the septs of the Southern Protectorate send young warriors to aid in the defense and to prove their mettle in the pressure cooker of the port city.

It’s not enough.

Every night, the Wyrm grows stronger, its forces more bold. Now, young cubs are dead and a hidden foe reaches out its claws to exact revenge against Savannah’s Garou.

Ingrid Stormwalker, war chief of the Coastal Empire, must defy her sept’s law, her family, and her pack to uncover the root of the rotten vine that chokes her beloved caern.

Time is running out for the historic city – and the entire Southern Protectorate.

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