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Whisper & Venom - The Adventure

By: Lesser Gnome

Type: Module

Product Line: Whisper & Venom

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Whisper & Venom - The Adventure
Product Line
Zach Glazar, John Hammerle
Publish Year
NKG Part #


Doom has chosen.

In an isolated valley a mysterious dark force has unleashed a powerful energy. This channeling of destructive power has rent the fabric between worlds.

Fear has conjured dark dreams for all who dwell within the arms of impassible mountain walls. The Whisper Vale has been cursed with poor weather and a late harvest. Cold winds blow through the vale from the north. Such portents have weakened nerves and sown the seeds of discontent. As clouds of despondency build, the people compensate with merrymaking. Excessive drunkenness and foul humors lead to misplaced accusations of moral failure. Resentment and exasperation erode trust. Standing too near the tapestry they only see the threads.

There are those who see. Experience and knowledge give them perspective. They know that a foreign malevolence has entered the Vale. They cannot explain the design behind this new threat. Even experience and knowledge have their limits. When such limits are reached, idle speculation are all that remain.

Ultimately the folk of Whisper and their erudite neighbors find kinship in their inaction.

What good is a warning when none take heed?

Welcome to Whisper.

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