Age of Eagles, The - Napoleonic Wars Based on Fire & Fury (2nd Edition)

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Product Line: Europe at War based on Fire & Fury

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Age of Eagles, The - Napoleonic Wars Based on Fire & Fury (2nd Edition)
Bill Gray
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Fully revised and ready to play, AOE II is NOT a full color glossy coffee table book, but rather an evolutionary progression of the rules produced 10+ years ago. All changes are underlined and integrated directly into the text of the book. These modifications include grammar and vocabulary corrections, interpretations of current rules, to include those ported directly from BOFF, new rules from the author as well as from our world class 3000+ member Yahoo Group, and finally new army lists - notably the Ottomans - and a slew of new generals and army commanders, all rated and listed in table format for your gaming pleasure. The same treatment has also been given the Quick Reference Sheet.

Age of Eagles is Napoleonic Fire and Fury, the miniatures rules you and many others have been waiting for. Fully integrated into the original, classic rules set, huge battles are now possible in a system that achieves a near perfect balance between accuracy and simplicity.

Units are infantry and cavalry brigades, as well as artillery batteries of between 6 and 12 guns. Each infantry stand represents 360 foot soldiers while each cavalry stand represents 180 mounted troopers. Ground scale is 120 yards to each inch, while all turns represent 30 minutes of actual time.

This is a "Big Battle" game where you will command multiple divisions, not battalions. Everything is included to make battles of over 150,000 combatants a playable reality. Unit data charts, irregular units such as colorful Cossacks or steady Prussian Landwehr, lancers, armored Cuirassiers and more, are all presented in a format designed to appeal to Grognard and recruit alike.

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