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Mouse Guard (2nd Edition)

By: Archaia Studios Press

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Mouse Guard RPG

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Mouse Guard (2nd Edition)
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Luke Crane
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The lives of mice are a daily struggle for survival - the weather, wilderness and animals are uncaring and savage. But mice are a doughty people. Though all the world stands against them, they refuse to give up! They have claimed the Mouse Territories ass their own: a network of cities, towns, and villages where mice thrive and prosper despite all that stands in their way.

A Band of selfless heroes makes it all possible. Called the Mouse Guard, these fearless mice blaze trails through the wilderness, escort travelers from city to city, and protect mice cities from predators and the fury of nature. In the Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game, you get to be one of them.

The Mouse Guard Roleplaying game is based on the award-winning Mouse Guard comic book and graphic novel series written and illustrated by David Petersen. This game contains everything players need to know about the world of the Guard including rules for forming patrols and heading up missions into the beleaguered Territories.

This second edition of the Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game contains new are from creator David Petersen, revised and updated rules and extensive background material on the Mouse Territories.

Do you have what it takes to fight for the ideals of the Mouse Guard?

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