Across the Aller - Last Stand in Northwest Europe, 1945

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Across the Aller - Last Stand in Northwest Europe, 1945
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STOLZENAU, GERMANY, 6 April 1945: As the war wound down in its closing days, the supply of rations to German soldiers, even among the elite of the 2nd Marine Division and 12th SS Hitlerjugend remnants, began to break down. Things got so bad that the average landser of these units had to rely on the generosity of the local population for food. Facing these hungry, and likely war-weary German soldiers were well-fed, well-equipped men of the 11th Armored Division. Despite the dire situation, local Hitler Youth units turned up the last cadre of soldiers, tasked to hold the Weser River Line with local FlaK elements in support. And although the Hitlerjugend teenagers had received less training than their predecessors, they were still fired with the fanaticism that those outside of the world of the Hitler generation could not fathom—and these young boys were well-led by hardened combat veterans. The combination, along with the nickname Panzer-Teufel (“Tank Devils”) the unit hung on itself, would soon surprise the British, unaware that these boys embraced a philosophy, printed in their pamphlets, with concepts including, “killing is a sport” and “killing is your duty.” And the ultimate, “Panzer-Tuefel always shoots first! The man who shoots first lives longer!” In the Stolzenau area the soldiers of the 11th Armored did not fare well, and received a clear message that the Germans intended to hold the area—via the fierce resistance put up by the teenaged SS Panzergrenadiers of 3, 5, 7 and 10 Kompanies, SS-Ausb.u.Ers.Btl.12.HJ supported by light Flak and 88mm Flak from the RAD battery 5./280.

ATS ACROSS THE ALLER is alll about the war in Northwest Europe in 1945—with new color die-cut counters in one of the most eclectic collections since BERLIN RED VICTORY!


  • 1 Color Wraparound Cover Sheet
  • Four 16” x 11” Color Cardstock Maps
  • Two Countersheets of 88 Counters
  • One Countersheet of 67 Counters
  • 1 ATS Battlefield Walkaround Sheet
  • 1 AFV Card Sheets
  • 10 Scenarios
Scenarios included:

  • Boy Warriors – Stolzenau, Germany, April 6th 1945
  • Final Thrusts – Outside of Stolzenau, Germany, April 6th 1945
  • ”Steel-Eyed Boys” – Steimbke, Germany, April 9th 1945
  • Deadly Ambush – On the road to Anderten, Germany, April 10th 1945
  • Strassengabel Strongpoint – Strassengabel Strongpoint, West of Rethem, Germany, April 10th 1945
  • Between the Weser and the Aller – Westen, Germany, April 10th 1945
  • The Other Side of the Tracks – Essel, Germany, April 10th 1945
  • Welch Return – Outside of Rethem, Germany, April 11th 1945
  • Left Flank Failure – Hademstorf, Germany, April 11th 1945
  • Loss of the Seekapitan – The Alexander Platz, Outside of Essel, Germany, April 11th 1945

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