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Lair of the Unknown

Lair of the Unknown
Author: Johnstone Metzger
Publish Year: 2013
Pages: 110
Dimensions: 6x9x.5"
Restockable: No
Type: Softcover


Lair of the Unknown is an introductory adventure module for the Dungeon World fantasy role-playing game.

All the dungeons have been looted, all the monsters have been slain, and this land is free from the oppression of mad sorcerers and marauding armies. There is no longer any need for adventurers like you, and not a single opportunity for you to get rich left in these parts… or is there? Deep in the Haunted Forest you stand, directly in front of the lost stronghold of Fearsome Forbus and the Unknown Wizard—two of the greatest dungeon raiders that ever lived. Will you leave laden down with all their precious loot? Or will you uncover horrors this land thought dead and buried, never to return?