King's Armory, The (Kickstarter Limited Edition)

By: Gate Keeper Games

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: Board Games (Gate Keeper Games)

MSRP $100.00

Product Info

King's Armory, The (Kickstarter Limited Edition)
Publish Year
NKG Part #
Boxed Game
Age Range
13 Years and Up
# Players
1 - 7 Players
Game Length
30 - 240 Minutes


About The King’s Armory:

  • The King’s Armory is a Tower Defense Board game inspired directly from the popular internet and iOS gaming genre. Game Layout
  • The game begins with the setup of the modular board by arranging the Terrain Tiles to create a map and route that the Monsters will follow toward your Castle Gate.
  • The Players each choose one of seven entirely unique Heroes, build Towers, hire upgradable defenders and place them in the Towers, call for Reinforcements (1-shot power cards), unlock powerful Equipment, defeat the Monsters, and gain Rewards in an effort to call into service the outrageously fun Armory Weapon, a creation so powerful it will decimate the Foes the for you!
  • The game ends when all Monsters, and their powerful Boss are defeated; or the Castle Gate falls.

    Unique Features:

  • 1-7 players. Play 100% fully cooperative against the game itself, or challenge the depths of its strategy solo.
  • Scaling difficulty level based on the number of Players.
  • Adjustable difficulty level, with in-manual guide to help you suit the game to your group’s skill level.
  • Adjustable Play Time ensures there’s always time for TKA.
  • 64-page full-color fully-illustrated game manual packed with bonus content and game play variants.

    Most Unique:

    Players can drop in and out mid game without affecting gameplay. Since the game is designed to always scale to the number of Heroes being played, we built in a perfectly smooth drop in/out feature. Game night now works your way.

    Edition Details:

  • 7 Heroes – Tokens and Stat Cards
  • 51 Hireable Tokens – Across the 5 unique types of hired help
  • 7 Bosses – Tokens and Stat Cards
  • 85 Monster Tokens – Across 5 Levels of Monsters
  • 17 Terrain Tiles – Plus 12 Border Tiles
  • 77 deck cards – Across 4 powerful decks
  • 7 unique 3d Towers – Each different than the rest
  • 7 beautiful two-tone d20s – Colored-matched to each of the 7 Heroes
  • 64-page full-color Game Manual & Bonus Content Guide
  • And a host of other goodies designed for deep strategy, endless replayability, and countless hours of fun night after night.

    Kickstarter Exclusive Contents:

  • Asphar the Barbarian - A serious Damage output Hero with the ability to deal damage as either Melee or Supernatural. This is a Kickstarter Exclusive Bonus only available by pledging via Kickstarter! He comes with ALL of the following: His Hero Stat Card, his own blue d20, his own specialized Reinforcement Card to add to your Reinforcement Deck, AND TWO new Equipment Cards.
  • PLUS the unique limited edition "Special Aid" Reinforcement Card!
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