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Lace Wars Series #6 - Heirs of the Golden Horde - The Russo-Austro-Turkish War of 1735-39, Ukraine Theatre (2nd Edition)

By: Red Sash Games

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: War Games (Professional) (Red Sash Games)

MSRP $250.00

Product Info

Lace Wars Series #6 - Heirs of the Golden Horde - The Russo-Austro-Turkish War of 1735-39, Ukraine Theatre (2nd Edition)
Ian Weir
Publish Year
NKG Part #
MFG. Part #
Boxed Game
Age Range
13 Years and Up
# Players
1 - 4 Players
Game Length
1000 - 1500 Minutes


Heirs of the Golden Horde expands the Türkenkrieg to include the sweeping campaigns simultaneously waged by Russia against her age-old foes, the Crimean Tatars, tributaries of the Turks, for the control of the Ukraine. From 1736 to 1739, massive columns of Russian soldiers lumbered across the steppes, where the grass grew higher than a man's head, trying to chase down the elusive Tatar nomads in a war similar to the those waged in the following century against the Plains Indians of North America. The conflict was just one step in Russia's drive for a warm water port.

Heirs of the Golden Horde can be played by itself - although Türkenkrieg is required for some of the components - as a 2-player operational study of Russian warfare, or it can be combined to allow up to 4 players to contend for mastery of the Ottoman borderlands.

The game uses the Lace Wars system. As with the other games in the series, victory is a personal matter. Will you succeed in taking Constantinople in a single campaign, or will your armies be bled white in a war of outposts? Can you prevent the giaours from driving the Tatar Nations to extinction, or will a succession of failures lead the Sultan to order your execution? Whatever the outcome of the war, your career must not suffer!


1680 counters representing:

  • the forces of Russia
  • the Ottoman Empire
  • the Tatar Hordes

    plus contingents of:

  • Cossack frontiersmen
  • Circassian warriors
  • wild Bashkir tribesmen
  • Kalmucks

  • 14x 12x18 inch map panels covering the Ukrainian Steppe from Romania to the Kuban, and from the Black Sea to Kharkov.

    Important: this not a complete game. Prior ownership of Türkenkrieg is required.
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