Batman Forever - Crime Fighting Card Game

By: Parker Brothers

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: Board Games - Assorted (Parker Brothers)

Last Stocked on 12/26/2015

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Batman Forever - Crime Fighting Card Game
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Boxed Game


Players are dealt 4 cards. If you have any Crimefighter cards--Batman, Robin, Alfred the Butler, Commissioner Gorden, or Dr. Chase Meridian--you lay them face up in front of you. On your turn you draw a new card and play cards from your hand. Crimefighter cards are placed in front of you. The Riddler card steals a crime fighter from another player. A Bat-Signal card played with a Two-Face card starts a battle. Place the Two-Face card next to an opponent and flip the Battle Coin. If it lands on Two-Face, take a Crimefighter from the player. You may continue playing Two-Face cards on this opponent until you lose a battle (ending your turn). Playing a Batman and Robin card nullifies both Riddler and Two-Face cards. The first player to collect a complete set of Crimefighter cards wins.

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