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#18 "Space Marines, For Sigmar, War Machines"

By: Games Workshop

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Warhammer Visions Magazine #01-50

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#18 "Space Marines, For Sigmar, War Machines"
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The new issue of Warhammer Visions finds Games Workshop’s monthly magazine bigger and better than ever before! With its pages now taller than a Codex or army book, this new format weighs in at more than 40% larger than its predecessor – all the more space for stunning photography of beautifully-painted Citadel miniatures including showcases, epic battle shots, incredible details, and more.

In this first edition of the new format, this issue has the red-robed soldiers of Mars, the Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii – look at this army freshly unleashed on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium in more shots than you can possibly imagine. Not to be outdone, the Eldar also make a swift entrance, on top of which there's a vast army of the Imperium in Army of the Month, 25 pages of Golden Demon, Parade Grounds of War Machines and Fast Attack choices, the beginnings of Waaagh! Ghazghkull, and the usual gems from ’Eavy Metal and Blanchitsu. In this great new format, the best miniatures in the world really never have looked better. Grab a copy now and see for yourself.