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#2 - Belladonna, Nightshade and the Sargasso Rose

By: EN Publishing

Type: Module

Product Line: Santiago - A Myth of the Far Future Adventure Path (Pathfinder)

Last Stocked on 11/12/2019

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#2 - Belladonna, Nightshade and the Sargasso Rose
Malcolm Northwinter
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Welcome to the second adventure in the Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future adventure path for the Pathfinder RPG! In this adventure, the heroes continue their hunt for the greatest outlaw of them all.

Belladonna, Nightshade and the Sargasso Rose brings the heroes into a deeper plot. Fresh from their meeting with the raconteur Stern on Port Étrange, the party sets course for the planet of Belladonna, where they hope to meet with Duncan Black and learn more about their ultimate quarry, Santiago. After their first encounter with the Democracy, they’ll finally meet the Sargasso Rose, whose information will prove invaluable as they continue their hunt and set them on a crash course for planets mysterious and people even more so.

Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future is a sci-fi adventure path for the Pathfinder RPG based on the novels of Mike Resnick. Throughout the course of this AP, the heroes will pursue the notorious intergalactic outlaw Santiago and the 20,000,000 credit bounty on his head. The problem? Nobody knows where the famed criminal is, what he looks like, or how to find him!

Also available separately for free are the SANTIAGO Player's Guide, which contains character options, setting information, and a basic introduction to playing Pathfinder in space; and the SANTIAGO Campaign Guide, which contains a complete overview of the adventure path for GMs.

The far future awaits as this far future AP blazes new trails across the galaxy!

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