Wor Stories #1 - The Beast that Waits

By: Three Sages Games

Type: Module

Product Line: Realms of Wor (d20)

Last Stocked on 1/15/2017

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Wor Stories #1 - The Beast that Waits
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Welcome to Graven, a quiet and peaceful little hamlet. Or is it? The Baron hasn't come down from his keep in three years. Bandits and worse have been stalking the road. People have been disappearing down by the river. The mine has become unsafe since a recent earthquake... And something has started killing villagers in the night. There is a need for brave adventurers...

Are you up to the challenge?

Journey into the realms of Alia-Wor, where adventure and mystery await!

Within these covers you'll find 48 pages packed with information about the village of Graven and its surroundings:

  • Seven distinct areas to explore
  • Wilderness and underground areas needing to be cleared
  • A fleshed-out village characters can use as a home base
  • Dozens of NPCs to help or hinder the party
  • New monsters and a new optional player race
  • A non-linear adventure with dozens of side adventures
  • Helpful tables (like weather and rumors) to add flavor to the setting
  • Notes drawn from playtest games with suggestions for the Referee

    The Beast That Waits is the perfect springboard for a long-term campaign set in the Realms of Wor, or for a short-term outing in an easy-to-use sandbox!

    The Beast That Waits is a setting for a party of low-level adventures and compatible with the Swords and Wizardry rules system.
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