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Emperor Edition Booster 10-Pack

By: AEG (Alderac Entertainment Group)

Type: CCG (Pack)

Product Line: Legend of the Five Rings CCG - Booster Packs & Boxes - Emperor Edition

10 packs, 11 cards per pack

MSRP $34.90

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Emperor Edition Booster 10-Pack
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CCG (Pack)


The Empire of Rokugan has expanded after more than one thousand years of xenophobia, and now resources from the Colonies, once known as the Ivory Kingdoms, pour into the war- torn Empire. With new riches come new stresses, however, as the clans compete for the vast but not infinite wealth of their new holdings. The laws that prevent the clans from making war on one another do not extend to the Colonies, after all...

Emperor Edition is the new base set for AEG’s fan favorite Legend of the Five Rings Collectible Card Game. The Age of Conquest has begun, and rewards await the bold. Seize new lands for your Clan and get started on the path of legends!

Each booster pack contains 16 cards, broken down as such:

  • 9 common cards
  • 5 uncommon cards
  • 1 rare card
  • 1 premium card
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